Grafton-Park River-Cavalier and Surrounding Area meetings

Grafton, Park River, Cavalier and surrounding area meetings

(Last updated Thursday May 4th 2019)

If you are unable to locate an AA meeting on this list/site to meet your needs, check the Web sites for the following bordering AA Areas: Area 35 in Minnesota to the east, and Area 80 in Manitoba to the north.

Closed Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous are open to anyone with a desire to stop drinking.  Open meetings are open to all who may be interested.
Abbreviations for meetings are as follows:

(BB) – Big Book Meeting
(12) – 12 Steps/12 Traditions Meeting
( C ) — Closed meeting–not open to public
(OPEN) – Meeting is open to public
(H) – Disabled Accessible

The Grafton hot-line number is currently not available. Please call the Grand Forks AA Answering Service: (701) 330-4339

7:00 pm Park River AA
Lorac Hall
3 St E, Park River

7:00 pm Grafton AA  (C,H)
98 E 5 St, Grafton

7:00pm: Manvel Group of AA (C) OPEN Last Monday of each month Trinity Lutheran Church
1000 Oldham Ave, Manvel, ND.

8:00 pm Cavalier AA (H) , (H)
Pembina Co Memorial Hospital
301 Mountain St East, Cavalier (Second Floor)

8:00 pm Park River AA
Lorac Hall
3 St E, Park River

Noon Grafton AA (C,H)
98 E 5 St, Grafton

8:00 pm Grafton AA ONLY 3rd Friday of every month (H) OPEN. Potluck before meeting starts at 6:30 pm;  8 pm Cake and Pin Meeting
98 E 5 St, Grafton

8:00 pm Park River AA (Open last Friday of the month)
Lorac Hall 
3 St E, Park River

10:00 am Grafton AA  (C,H)
Walsh County Group
98 E 5 St, Grafton