Contact Us

Grand Forks AA Answering Service: (701) 330-4339

You can currently contact us via e-mail at, or call our local line at (701) 330-4339.  Questions and comments are welcome.  Please note that anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions.  No comments will be posted revealing personal information to include last names or contact information (including email addresses).

Note to Fellowship Members: If you find errors on any page,  have suggestions or other questions/information (page improvements, meeting changes/additions/closing, out of area AA sanctioned events etc.) please contact the Web Administrator with details. Thank you!

If you have any news or information that is relevant to District 13 please leave a comment in the Contact Us tab. If I don’t know somethings wrong, I cannot correct it!

Announcements for local AA events should be sent to District 13 Events, and please include any flyers in .doc, .jpg or .pdf format for ease of posting.