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“Because it has now become plain enough that only a recovered alcoholic can do much for a sick alcoholic, a tremendous responsibility has descended upon us all, an obligation so great that it amounts to a sacred trust. For to our kind, those who suffer alcoholism, recovery is a matter of life or death. So the society of Alcoholics Anonymous cannot, it dare not ever be diverted from its primary purpose.” Bill W. The A.A. Grapevine, April, 1948

Frequently asked questions about A.A.

Below are answers to questions for potential alcoholics, family members, and professionals. This information answers the questions most frequently asked by alcoholics seeking help, by their families and friends.

For anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol

An introduction to the A.A. recovery program

A brief guide to Alcoholics Anonymous

Information on Alcoholics Anonymous: Information for anyone new coming to A.A. and for anyone referring people to A.A.

Is A.A. for you? A.A. for the woman: Relates the experiences of alcoholic women-all ages and from all walks of life.

Is A.A. for you? A.A. for the Native North American: Addressed to Native American A.A. members and contains some of their stories.

Is A.A. for you? A.A. for the Black and African American Alcoholic: Personal stories of finding sobriety and a new way of life in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Is A.A. for you? A.A. and the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic: Excerpts from the experience, strength, and hope of sober gay and lesbian alcoholics.

Is A.A. for you? A.A. for the older alcoholic. Never too late. Relates the stories of eight men and women who came to A.A. after 60. Large print.

Is A.A. for you? Young People and A.A. Ten young A.A.s 16 to 27 tell how the program works for them.

Too young? This cartoon pamphlet speaks directly to teenagers. It tells the varied drinking stories of six young people (13-18).

Information for family and friends of alcoholics

For the family. Is there an alcoholic in your life? A.A.’s message of hope.

Information for professionals

AA Area 52 in BismarckFor Professionals

About A.A. Newsletter for professionals.

A.A. as a resource for the health care professional.

A.A. as a resource for drug and alcohol court professionals.

A message to correctional professionals.

For videos for the healthcare, legal, corrections,
and employment/human resources professionals please follow this link.