Member Resources

Resources from the General Service Office (GSO) of Alcoholics Anonymous (Updated 1/26/2020)

Register a New Group with GSO

AA Guidelines from the General Service Office, Guidelines to aid groups in addressing problems.

A New Freedom” updated corrections video from GSO

Alcoholics AnonymousThe “Big Book” online.

Alcoholics Anonymous: The “Big Book” downloadable interactive 4th edition from GSO website (must install plugin first).

75th Anniversary Big Book: The 75th anniversary AA first edition, first printing, big book is available.  See order form for more details.

12 Steps and 12 Traditions from GSO

2015-2016 A.A. Service Manual combined with Twelve Concepts for World Service.

Twelve Concepts of World Service (Illustrated): How Bill W. explained the spiritual principles that under-gird A.A.’s structure and how the parts work together.

District Information Change Form

A.A. Fact File: Information on the Fellowship of A.A.

NEW A.A. TRADITIONS AND THE INTERNET We observe all A.A.’s principles and Traditions on A.A. public media such as the Internet. 

Beginners Meeting Brochure: Suggestions for conducting beginner meetings.

Box 4-5-9: Quarterly bulletin of news and events from G.S.O.

Change of Group Information Form: Update your group information.

Group Inventory Form:  Helpful tool that includes Group norms.

Group Inventory Worksheet: Helpful tool to review the 12 traditions.

General Service Representative (G.S.R.) Brochure: For incoming G.S.R.s.

Information on Alcoholics Anonymous: A.A. information.

New GSR or DCM? Register here with G.S.O. for your packet!

Starting a New A.A. Group: Helpful suggestions for starting a new group.

 Resources from Area 52 North Dakota Alcoholics Anonymous (Updated 2/1/2016)

Area 52 Service Handbook: Service manual for Area 52 North Dakota

Area 52 State Roundup Guidelines

Area 52 Treasurer Address

Area 52 Meeting Finder: Search tool for meetings in North Dakota

Contact Area Officers: Email links for the Area 52 officers

Resources from District 13 (Grand Forks, ND) (Updated 5-4-2022)

District 13 Handbook

District 13 hotline phone-list of groups scheduled to answer the phone